Advantage for Patients

  1. Active Trak TM 3-D Eye Tracker
    Infrared cameras actively follow the tiniest motions of your eye in all three dimensions so you can relax during your surgery - knowing the procedure will be delivered accurately.
  2. Active Trak 3-D Automatic Centering
    Enables your doctor to precisely identify the center of your pupil and keep the laser centered to within 50 microns (about the width of a human hair) even if your eye moves.
  3. Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)2
    Allows for a larger treatment area and gives Doctor Muller greater flexibility to personalize your laser vision correction treatment when pupil size is a consideration.
  4. WavePrint Map
    Gives your doctor a "Fingerprint of Your Vision" that is a precise, more detailed analysis of your entire visual system to ensure optimal treatment results.
  5. Point Spread Function
    This diagnostic data shows your doctor how you would see a point source of light, providing your doctor an additional perspective on how each of your eyes interpret light.
  6. Millions of Eyes Treated
    VISX excimer lasers have been used to successfully treat over 3 million eyes in the U.S. and over 5 million eyes globally, so you can have confidence in the VISX technology.
  7. More Doctors use VISX Lasers than any other LVC Lasers
    More doctors use VISX excimer lasers across the U.S. and around the world than any other LVC laser system, so you can have confidence in the doctor's choice.
  8. More VISX Lasers than all others Combined
    There are more VISX excimer lasers used to perform LVC in the U.S. than all other brands combined, so you can believe in the industry's choice.
  9. The Company that Pioneered LVC Surgery
    VISX was the company that developed excimer laser technology for LVC and gained clearance from the U.S. FDA for correcting a variety of vision conditions.
  10. Unparalleled Commitment to LVC Technology
    The VISX investment in leading LVC research and development is tops in the industry.